The room has an extremely unique timbre: shimmery and unearthly, a true acoustic replication of a lexicon or bricast hardware unit. With a natural reverb decay of -4 seconds, this drum kit finds its place somewhere in between the huge tracks Garrett plays on the road with Carrie Underwood to the epic drums required in film and trailer cues.

Goodwin Black Kit is a new and unique drum sound in the market of virtual instruments.  The library includes a painstakingly recorded drum kit, along with all of the mixing tools necessary to sculpting a rich drum sound.

Like the sound of the kit in any demo on the site?  You can instantly recall the drum kit used in a demo just by opening up the Multi pattern with the corresponding name. 

  • Many other companies develop their sounds in custom samplers that are plagued with compatibility/functionality issues.  By using the industry standard sampler Kontakt from Native Instruments, our library is supported and tested throughout all major operating systems.  

Phase checked microphone positions allow for no loss of low end punch when combining microphone positions. 

  • GOODWIN BLACK KIT was developed for Kontakt 5 by Native Instruments.

  • The kit comprises of 2.6 GB of audio spread across 4 kicks, 3 snares, 4 toms, and custom cymbals. There are “warehouse” and “studio” versions of most drums.

  • All studio versions are manipulated via gates, EQ, and compression to get tighter, big studio sound while all warehouse versions are unaltered recordings.

  • The kit was tracked with spot mics, overheads, and ribbons in the room, giving you full control over the sound with the built in Kontakt mixer.

  • Along with the individual microphone positions, there are preset mixes you can access via the preset channel strips in the Kontakt mixer.

  • All patches are 5-6 velocity layers along with 3-6 samples per velocity.


GOODWIN BLACK KIT requires Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3 full version

Mac OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, or higher is recommended--Windows 7 or higher recommended

At least 1 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended), and ~4 GB of free space on hard drive

Access to a stable internet connection for digital delivery

Files are watermarked to ensure authenticity and prevent piracy


Purchases are non-refundable